The Future of Hyper-casual Games

Where did hyper-casual games come from and how will it evolve in the future? We talk to Christian Calderon, former Chief Revenue Officer at Ketchapp who was instrumental in helping create this genre and market. Christian has now also started a new game company called GameJam focused on hyper-casual games.

Content Outline:

  • 2:07 Can you tell me about the Hyper-casual games market? It sort of blew-up last year and seems to have plateau’ed a little bit coming into 2019. Where did these games come from and how have they become so successful?
  • 3:45 What are the keys to success in launching a hyper-casual game? Has that changed from 2014 to today?
  • 4:42 Can you talk about some of the key competitors in the market? Who are the top 2-5 players in the market? Which of those are best positioned for success in the market?
  • 6:04 You were the former CRO at Ketchapp and you left to start your own company. Could you talk about what is the specific opportunity you are going after and what made you leave to start your own company?
  • 8:00 Take me back to when you started the company. What was the exact moment when you thought of the idea and what were the specific steps you took to start the company?
  • 9:19 Your company is based in Vietnam. Can you talk about how the company is structured and the kinds of disciplines you employ?
  • 10:46 What do you see in terms of any key trends or changes coming up in the hyper-casual industry? What’s your prediction for how the hyper-casual market goes to the end of this year and next year?

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