Starting a New Game Studio | 3 CEOs Who Raised Millions!

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GameMakers Video Panel Discussion


We are joined by the founders and CEOs of 3 recently funded game studios:

  1. Antti Hattara, CEO of StarBerry ($1.3M led by ByFounders)
  2. Emily Greer, CEO of Double Loop ($2.5M led by London Venture Partners)
  3. Travis Boatman, CEO of Carbonated ($8.5M led by Andreessen Horowitz)

Discussion Focus

Today we’ll be talking about what it takes to start a games studio and also how to get funding for your studio.

So more specifically we’ll talk about:

  • What is the current environment for starting a games studio?
  • What are the key opportunities to pursue?
  • What does the funding environment look like?
  • What are challenges?
  • Advice for new founders?

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