Two world class industry experts in mobile social casino talk to us today about the latest overview, updates, trends, and predictions for the market.

In particular we discuss:

  • 1:00 Impact of Coronavirus to Social Casino
  • 12:15 Social Casino Overall Performance
  • 15:55 Lloyd & Brett’s Intros/Backgrounds
  • 19:20 Slots High Level Categorization
  • 23:30 Impact of Real Money Gaming
  • 29:45 Key Trends, Competitive Strategies
  • 37:30 Notable New Game Releases
  • 39:00 Surprising Predictions

46:40 Wrap-up,

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Our guests today include:

Brett Nowak, CEO of market research firm Liquid & Grit (

  • Brett was formerly Lead PM on Zynga Poker at Zynga, and was a Director of Product at Blue Shell Games before starting Liquid & Grit.
  • LinkedIn:

Lloyd Melnick, GM of Chumba Casino at VGW. Board Member at Murka.

  • Lloyd has an incredible background in social casino working at Merscom, Playdom, Disney, FiveOneNine Games, Spooky Cool Labs, Zynga, and The Stars Group.
  • LinkedIn:

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