Mobile Marketing for Card Games | Growing Ultimate Cribbage


Indie mobile game developer WildCard Games has been developing mobile card games for the past 7 years launching games like Ultimate Cribbage, Cribbage, and Backgammon.

How does this 2 person studio get to the next level in growing their mobile game products? Let’s DIVE DEEP!

We review mobile marketing strategy and discuss channels, campaigns, creative types. Deep discussion on using Facebook’s AEO and VO relative to other forms of marketing.

Great discussion with WildCard’s Josh Chandley their Chief Operating Officer.

Expert UA Advisors:


  • Intro to WildCard Studioss
  • Current Marketing Campaigns
  • Initial Feedback
  • Fluctuating ARPU Curve
  • AEO and VO Considerations
  • Creative Types
  • Scale Considerations
  • IDFA Considerations
  • Facebook Algorithms
  • Final Words of Advice


On UA “Knee Bends”

A question came in from a viewer of this video:

“Could you explain further (or point me to a resource, or a visual, etc.) what you meant when you shared the insight below:

[? @29:48] If your LTV curves are jumping around, one thing you might want to consider is testing your scale of spend against your ROAS target. Example: looking at D7 ROAS against daily spend to see if you have a knee bend. If you’re unsure about spend you can “sit below the bend”.

-A Mobile App Marketing Manager

For anyone else with the same question above, what I meant is that you can try to quantify daily spend relative to a DX ROAS target to see if there is a point of scale inflection. The data can be messy but on some games and in some UA environments you can see that without other data, there is a certain level of scale after which ROAS tends to degrade.

So to run this analysis just capture your daily spend (x-axis) vs. your dX ROAS target (y-axis). See an illustrative example below (mid-core RPG game):

In the above example, if you don’t trust your data and ARPU curves are jumping around I’d probably just try to sit under $25K/day in spend for example.

On DX Targets

Just to be clear though. Generally, most marketers are adjusting daily spend against a D3 or D7 target. Most guys use D7. Depending on your game you should also run analysis on whether you can use an earlier DX target by seeing if your longer term targets align with shorter term targets.

One way you could do this is just to check your D30/D3 and D30/D7 ratios and see if there is a material difference in predictive ability.

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