Mobile Game Product Manager Victor Wang of NBCUniversal | Jurassic World Alive F2P PM Interview

Learn more about Mobile Games F2P Product Management from Victor Wang who is a PM on the hit F2P game Jurassic World Alive.

Content Outline:
1:18 What Does a F2P Product Manager Do?
2:48 Day to Day Activities
6:08 PMs vs. Producers
8:57 KPI Analysis
10:50 Role of PM at Different Companies
13:34 PM Role by Game Dev Phase
16:48 How to Analyze Revenue Decline
20:16 Most Important PM Skills
21:40 Do You Need an MBA?
22:50 Working With Dev Studios
25:13 Why NBCUniversal?
26:51 Advice on Breaking Into the Industry
27:54 Specific PM Skills
28:35 Evolution of PM
30:04 Victor’s Career Trajectory

Note: Joseph Kim works at NBCUniversal with Victor Wang in the Games & Digital Platforms group. All opinions expressed in this video are his own and do not represent the views of NBCUniversal.

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