Lilith’s Farlight 84 – New Mobile/PC FPS Shooter in 2021 | LILA Reaction

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We are joined by the LILA Co-founder team:

  1. Joseph Kim, CEO of LILA Games
  2. Paul Leydon, CCO of LILA Games
  3. Avinash Pandey, CTO of LILA Games

Discussion Focus

Hey folks, we’re big fans of Lilith the makers of games such as Rise of Kingdoms and AFK Arena.

They just released a trailer for what looks like the next huge battle royale shooter game to be launched in 2021 on mobile and PC.

As game developers in shooters, we know a thing or two about the category, stay tuned as we react to the trailer but then break down the core elements of what we know and make predictions in terms of what the game will be like and potential gameplay and monetization expectations.

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