From Artist to CEO | Concept Art House Origin Story and Inside Tour

James Zhang went from a concept artist in Shanghai to the CEO of Concept Art House: one of the industry’s most well respected and well known art studios for gaming. How did James start the company and make the transition from art to business? What is it like inside the studio? What are some of the cool projects they are working on?

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James Zhang, CEO:
1:26 Talk to me about Concept Art House. At a high level what does the studio do and what kinds of customers does it have?
1:48 What are the key types of work CAH does?
2:16 What is the company make-up in terms of employees and types of employees?
3:28 How did Concept Art House start? How was the company initially financed?
4:21 What were some of the tough times over the past 12 years you’ve been in business?
6:04 How were you able to make the transition from artist to CEO?
7:30 What are the emerging trends in games and art today?

Davis Kurzenski, Director of Business Development
9:28 Who are some of the biggest clients and what is some of the work you’re most proud of?
10:13 What are some of the concept projects for mobile games you can talk about?

Sean O’Toole, 3D Lead and Project Manager
11:33 Can you talk about the work you do and your role at CAH?
12:09 What kinds of people are hired at CAH and what skills do they need to be successful at the company?

Shinyi Chiu, Senior Production Manager
13:00 Can you tell us about what you do at CAH and the kind of work you do?
13:53 What are some of the tools you use to manage projects?
14:07 Can you show us a specific example of work you’ve done and how you work with clients?
16:35 What are some of the big challenges you run into working with clients? How do you make the client relationship as smooth as possible?
17:27 What is the culture at CAH like? What’s it like to work here?

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