Death of Performance Marketing: End of a Career in UA?

Today we’re going to be talking about 2 different perspectives on the future of performance marketing.

Positive View: The changes currently impacting UA will shift the role of a UA marketer but ultimately the changes will not be so dramatic and besides potentially adding some additional skills or shifting to be a bit more strategic and having leaner teams, and the changes will mean more of a shift rather than a fundamental change.

Negative View: The basic role of performance marketing and having a career as a UA marketer is basically dead. It won’t be the same and the role is fundamentally gone or will be nothing like what it is today.

And to provide our audience here with some context, I wrote a ggDigest newsletter and medium post titled “The Death of Performance Marketing: The Secret Interview”

In that post, I wrote about some of the big changes happening that will impact the UA marketing role. I interviewed both Matej who we have on here today as well as a confidential interviewee. We discussed both sides of the argument for what will happen to performance marketing based on the current and potentially even more upcoming changes.

Content Overview:

  • 1:50 Introductions – Matej + Filippo
  • 6:20 Changes Coming to UA Teams (Smaller!)
  • 19:40 Is there a career in UA anymore?
  • 25:25 What’s measurable in 5 years?
  • 30:30 Who will lead F2P marketing teams?
  • 36:00 Can we trust Facebook and Google?

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