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Wild Rift hits $1B after 3 Years, China loves MOBAs!

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Hello GameMakers,

My favorite game hit the $1B revenue mark after 3 years: Wild Rift!

While I’m no longer ranked Platinum since I don’t have much time to play, it’s great that old-timers like myself have a slower version of League of Legends that fits old-person reaction times.

Congrats to Riot/Timi Tencent and more on Wild Rift below!

Top 10 Charts

  • A new worldwide #1 downloaded game: Dragonheir: Silent Gods!
  • At some point, someone should check out how Evony can consistently stick in the top 10 revenue for the US. If that’s the case, couldn’t Game of War also make a comeback into the top 10 for the US?
  • Wild Rift is consistently in top 10 revenue for China which is where it makes most of its money

Top 10 Mobile Publishers


Top 5 Mobile Trending

  • Note that One Piece Treasure Cruise increased revenue by 3X, an increase of $1M for the week.

Top 10 Steam Game Sellers

Source: Steam charts
  • Counter-Strike 2 is finally here, of course, it’s #1.
  • Congrats to Cyberpunk for getting back to top revenue on Steam.
  • What happened to Payday 3 launch?

🔦 Spotlight | Wild Rift Joins Billion $ Club!

Randy Nelson from recently posted about Wild Rift’s mega milestone of $1B in gross revenue:

Randy Nelson’s LinkedIn post

While, as an old guy with very little free time, I still kind of suck, I am trying to get back to Platinum. I’m pretty close:

JK’s Current Wild Rift Rank

As you may have noticed in this week’s and earlier newsletters, Wild Rift is consistently in China’s top 10 revenue ranks.

The most interesting aspect of the game’s success is the geographic difference in performance. China loves Riot, from Wild Rift to the Chinese version of Teamfight Tactics: Battle of Golden Spatula.


China and the US are the top 2 revenue-generating geographies for Wild Rift, but note the huge gap in life-of-product revenue from China ($506M) vs. the US ($38.3M).

China loves MOBAs. The #1 game in the world is Honor of Kings, Tencent’s version of League of Legends before they developed Wild Rift with Riot.