Analytics  & Reporting:

  1. Introduction to Mobile Analytics & Reporting
  2. Design & Implementation of Mobile Analytics

Game Design:

  1. The “+1” Mobile Game Design Strategy
  2. Why Your Mobile Game Failed: Complexity Kills!
  3. The Compulsion Loop Explained
  4. Micro vs. Macro Gameplay
  5. Why Mobile Games Need a Strong Heartbeat


  1. Monetization-based Game Design: ARPDAU Contribution
  2. 12 Critical Mobile Monetization Concepts (Part 1 of 3)

How to Start Your Own Mobile Game Publishing Company:

  1. Emergence of the Software Artist

UI Design:

  1. Mobile UI and Game Design: Screens vs. Flows

Project Management:

  1. How Complexity Domain Impacts Software Development Process


  1. Implications of “Alpha” and “Beta” in Mobile Gaming