The Making of Scopely’s Star Trek Fleet Command

Scopely recently launched Star Trek Fleet Command, a mobile F2P game from developed by DIGIT Game Studios. Today we spoke with Steve Huff, the game GM, and Henry Lowenfels, SVP of Business Development, about the origins behind the game and its future.

Content Outline:
2:30 What kind of game is STFC and what kind of players play the game?
4:01 How did Scopely determine the game type/genre of 4X for STFC?
5:15 The origin story and how did Scopely originally come up with the idea for the game? How did they choose DIGIT as a collaborator?
6:43 How is the publishing and development team structured?
9:21 What’s coming next for the game?
12:46 What’s next for Scopely?

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