Product Management at Riot Games

What a journey! Paul Bellezza responded to a Craigslist ad for a humble games start-up called Riot Games in Los Angeles as Employee #6 in 2006. Since then, he’s lived through the meteoric rise of Riot Games and the massive growth of the company from the game League of Legends.

Paul serves as Product Manager: R&D working on new game concepts at Riot and he talks about his experience as a product manager and what that role means at Riot.

What does it mean to be a PM at Riot?
How does Riot think about PM for new game designs/concepts?
What can we expect in the future from Riot from a product perspective? From a PM perspective?
The Origin Story behind Team Fight Tactics!!!
How did Paul get hired at Riot?

Content Overview:

  • 0:12 What Is It Like to Work at Riot?
  • 2:30 History and Origin of Riot Games
  • 6:20 How is The Company Structured?
  • 9:18 The Product Manager Role at Riot
  • 11:25 What Are the Key Roles at Riot?
  • 13:30 What Does Your Day to Day Look Like?
  • 14:55 Skills to Be Successful Live Ops vs New Games PMs
  • 17:45 New Game Development at Riot
  • 20:27 How Did Team Fight Tactics Come About?
  • 23:32 How Surprised Was Riot at Success of TFT?
  • 25:40 Emerging Trends and Changes to Riot in the Future
  • 28:03 How Did You Get Hired at Riot?

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