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Philosophy: 0 to 1 vs. 1 to N Product Management

Looks like our first episode of “Philosophy Friday” was a hit and thanks to everyone for all of the great comments and DMs!

Based on feedback, seems like many want more product management content and so we decided to expound a bit on the Peter Thiel concept of “Zero to One” vs. “1 to N” applied to game development and the product management function in this context.

For those who haven’t read Zero To One, it’s sort of a must-read for any serious PM:

Zero to One vs. One to N Applied to Game Development

The focus of today’s discussion focuses on thinking about Zero to One and One to N in the context of game development and how different PM skillsets are required in those different environments:

Source: Joseph Kim

In fact, the high-level objectives are very different for both of these PM types:

Source: Joseph Kim

Thereby, then suggesting very differentiated skill-sets that optimize against those objectives:

Source: Joseph Kim

For more background and context on this topic check out my blog post (from a few years back) on this:

Philosophy Friday #3: Zero to One vs. One to N PM

Join Brett Nowak, CEO of Liquid and Grit, and me on this deep discussion:


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