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Philosophy: On The Ethical Use of Data

I really didn’t know what to expect when I was first writing about the ethical use of data in the gaming industry:

Completely disregarding the potential for popularity, I actually first became interested in writing on the topic because:

#1. I felt some of the outrage expressed in various public and private channels was a bit over the top especially on a relative basis to some of the other data ethics issues happening in our industry that are actually current, and

#2. I thought it’d be fun to poke fun at game company execs and how many of them would no longer be able to form opinions on games if they were to lose access to market intelligence data such as from App Annie.

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After starting to write on the topic, however, I realized that there was much greater depth in what I was covering and more investigation revealed a lot of additional considerations I had never even thought about.

Yes, you should read it!

Also, come on people… this App Annie stuff from like 2018 and earlier is not only dated but App Annie has already fixed their issues.

Although I thought it’d be a very niche post, it wound up being one of the most read… well at least since the switchover to Substack. This indicated to me that the topic of data integrity and ethics is much more top of mind than I had originally imagined.

In response to some requests to follow up, we decided to address this topic in the 2nd episode of our Philosophy Friday series that Brett Nowak and I started. One of our good friends Lars Doucet also had some thoughts on this topic and so I’d like to present the 2nd episode of Philosophy Friday:

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