Online Game Services for Multiplayer PVP Games

We’re here today to talk about the kinds of online, live services technology that are required for multiplayer PVP games.

More specifically we will cover online services (accounts, matchmaking, player stats, and store) rather than the multiplayer networking side.

Speaking with us today is the founding team from ( who have incredible backgrounds in online back-end services for massive PVP games like League of Legends and Eve Online.

  • Eden Chen, CEO:, @edenchen (Twitter)
  • Chris Cobb, CTO:
  • Nick Tittley, Co-Founder:

You can reach them by email as well: [first name]

Content Overview:

  • 1:10 Pragma Team Intros
  • 4:55 Pragma’s Business
  • 6:45 Back-end Services Key Challenges
  • 10:40 Online Services Vendor Landscape
  • 25:40 Challenges with Matchmaking for PVP
  • 39:20 Cross-platform Considerations
  • 45:55 Dealing with Reputation & Behavior
  • 54:50 General Scaling Challenges
  • 1:02:25 Pragma Roadmap & Contact Info

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