Thursday, July 9, 2020

MTG #1: Day One

MTG #2: How Will You Measure Your Life

MTG #3: The Plan

MTG #4: Enter Paul Leydon

MTG #5: In Depth Life of a Game Designer with Paul Leydon | Game Design Career

MTG #6: First Week in Review | My LinkedIn Post Went Viral!

MTG #7: Paul Leydon Talks Game Design and Next Steps

MTG #8: Building the Team | Join Me Outact

MTG #9: First Meeting with Outact | How Do We Work Together?

MTG #10: How to Start a Games Company? | Advice from Joakim Achren Co-founder of NEXT Games

MTG #11: 7 Days to Create a Pro Game Design Document | Designing a Game App

MTG #12: First Retrospective and 30/60/90 Day Plan

MTG #13: We Made A New Star Trek Game in 7 Days! | Game Prototyping