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With 26.5M Daily Users, Denmark’s Kiloo Pioneers New Ways of Producing Mobile Games3/9/2013Claims D1/7/30 = 91/81/60. I assume they are actually referring to "rolling retention."
Mobile Retention Rates6/4/2012Not sure where the 40/20/10 heuristic originally came from, but here's one source
How Do I Know I Have a Healthy Game?2/28/2013Don't calculate retention the 2nd way. That's what n00bs do and leads to a lot of inconsistent and inaccurate measures (*cough* FLURRY!)
To Cohort or not to Cohort Your Mobile App Users?11/1/2011Cohorting your retention
What top VCs look for in gaming startups10/27/2012Importance most of all of D1


Insanely Popular Game Candy Crush Saga Is Bringing In An Estimated $633,000 A Day7/8/2013Data from Think Gaming
Puzzle & Dragons Maker GungHo Made US$4.9 Million Per Day In Sales Last Quarter7/29/2013
Publication: How The Most Successful Apps Monetize Their User Base3/28/2013Data on average revenue per download (ARPD)
The Top F2P Monetization Tricks6/26/2013
Mobile Game Monetization – It’s the UI, Stupid5/19/2013


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