Live Ops Best Practices

A Tale of Two Cities?

Two games launch with unremarkable performance. One game continues a slow decline before ultimately being pulled from the market… and the other game?

The other game begins a slow and steady ascent in revenue and performance eventually becoming a top grossing game and enabling the game studio to launch multiple successful games over time.

What does it take to successfully optimize and improve games over time through live operations?

 What are best practices?

What types of tools, analyses, and techniques can you use to improve your games?

Find out from our panel of expert speakers in discussing this topic. Come agree, argue, and debate with us as we have a casual set of talks and make new friends!

Event Information

Session #1: Supercell’s Battle Pass | A Tale of Two Cities

Session #2: Mapping User Journeys

Session #3: Lessons from Ten Years Operating League of Legends

  • Paul Bellezza, Senior Manager, Production on VALORANT, Riot Games

Session #4: How to Plan a Content and Events Schedule for Live Ops



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